Meerkat API and Backend

Meerkat has a couple of api paths that provide view into what is occuring in the running server and admin tools that help manage the running server.



This is a listing of all the dashboards and the elements in each dashboard.


This provides the current status of the running Meerkat including

  • Server Start time
  • List of Dashboards and some properties
  • Backends Meerkat is aware of with each backend having
    • Backend properties
    • Recent api calls made and events captured from that backend



The cache page allows you to tell the Meerkat server to clear it’s internal caches.

Dashboard Cache The dashboard cache is a cache of all the dashboards currently open and the list of Icinga objects associated with each dashboard. Each time this cache initalizes it is cleared before being built, the clear cache Tool for Dashboards performs a reinitalization of the cache and sends the reload dashboard request to the clients.

Object Cache The object cache is a cache of all the Icinga objects Meerkat is currently tracking and their current state. Clearing this cache will drop the cache only.