Meerkat reads configuration from a text file in TOML format. By default meerkat reads from the path /etc/meerkat.toml. An alternative file may be specified with the -config flag. For example:

meerkat -config /tmp/something/meerkat.toml

The following configuration options are available:

HTTPAddr: The address, in host:port format, to serve meerkat from. For example The default is “:8080” i.e. all IPv4, IPv6 addresses port 8080.

IcingaURL: A URL pointing to an instance of Icinga serving the HTTP API. Meerkat can connect to Icinga to create dashboard elements from Icinga objects. This is usually a HTTPS URL with port 5665. For example The default is using the loopback address and the default Icinga port

IcingaUsername, IcingaPassword: The username and password with which to authenticate to Icinga. The default value for both is meerkat.

IcingaInsecureTLS: If set to true, verification of the TLS certificates served by the Icinga API is skipped. This is often required when Icinga is configured with self-signed certificates. The default is false.


A typical installation is performed on the same host as Icinga. Self-signed certificates are generally used, and the password will not be meerkat. So at /etc/meerkat.toml:

IcingaPassword = "somethingsecret123456"
IcingaInsecureTLS = true