Installing Meerkat

Prebuilt releases are available for Linux on the AMD64 architecture.

For installing from source, see the Meerkat README.

1. Download Meerkat

Releases of Meerkat are available from Releases.

2. Install Meerkat

  1. Extract the tar archive into /usr/local:
    tar -C /usr/local -xzf meerkat.tar.gz

    You will probably need to run this command as root or through sudo.

  2. Verify the meerkat installation by running the meerkat command and printing its version:
    /usr/local/meerkat/meerkat -v
  3. If required, write a Configuration file to /etc/meerkat.toml.

3. Start Meerkat

Finally, start meerkat:


Open a web browser and browse to the address of the machine.

We’re done!

This set up is only sufficient for basic dashboards, testing, and fiddling around. Meerkat’s primary use case is to display information from Icinga2. Follow the Connecting Icinga tutorial to set this up.

Meerkat is intended to be run as a long-running service. See the tutorial Meerkat as a systemd service to set this up.